Salutations! My name is Margaret and I like food. I am neither a seriously trained cook, nor am I very serious about cooking. To me, food is fun. I love the sensory experience of creating (and eating) food, whether it be a recipe I’ve never tried, an old favorite, or even Cleaning The Fridge Surprise.

I live in Maine’s midcoast region with my assistant co-cook and our two cats. They are very cute (the cats and my co-cook). Here is a photo of two-thirds of them:

Ermagherd, Kerterns!

Moments thereafter, they engaged in an epic battle for dominance of the cat tree.

My co-cook and I are both attempting an epic weight loss and overall fitness challenge; however, this is not a fitness blog. Like the site title suggests, there will be bacon. Oh, yes… there will be bacon.

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